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YouTube is a video-sharing platform that lets its 2 billion human (and untold numbers of feline) users watch, like and share content. Its most popular feature is its comments section, where viewers can interact with creators and each other. But the comment section also has a darker side, as it can become a space for trolling and online harassment. In an attempt to address these issues, YouTube has added a “hidden dislikes” option that will hide dislikes from public view.

While hiding dislikes might help to prevent some instances of online harassment, it also means that users can still downvote a video without leaving a reason for their disapproval. This can have serious consequences for the creators of a video, as it can lead to a video being removed or blocked for short periods of time. It can also lead to videos being deleted completely if the community of users deems them unacceptable or offensive.

If you’re a video creator, then it’s crucial to know how to make your videos stand out and get the most attention from the audience. This can be done by incorporating some basic video marketing tactics, such as using a catchy title and a relevant description for your video. Also, you should always try to be as original as possible and avoid using stock footage.

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