Oil filled radiators are some of the most cost-effective electric heating devices on the market meaning you can afford to choose a model with specific features to meet your home’s requirements. With a wide range of sizes and styles, you’re sure to find an option that perfectly complements your interior design.

Oil heaters don’t take long to heat up. They also emit a third of their warmth via radiation rather than convection, so they heat objects, surfaces and people directly for a more comfortable atmosphere. This makes them a great choice for small children and pets who are likely to come into contact with a hot water or steam radiator which can burn their skin.

An oil-filled radiator’s low power requirement means that they are very cheap to run and can offer significant savings over a year. This can be further enhanced by utilising a modern control system which allows for night setback and other energy-saving settings.

As an added bonus, oil-filled radiators are much safer to leave ‘ON’ overnight than dry or panel heaters. They don’t have any moving parts and they have a high boiling point which helps to keep the internal pressure of the oil constant, so there is little chance of them overheating. However, it is still recommended to dust your radiator once a month to prevent the build-up of dust which can impact energy efficiency and cause unpleasant odours. In the very unlikely event that you need to refill an oil filled radiator we advise that this should only be done by a professional as it is a complicated process and can lead to injury if attempted incorrectly. oil filled radiator