Frozen pies are a lifesaver when you need to make dessert for company and don’t have time or energy to bake from scratch. But when it comes to frozen pie, not all are created equal. Consumer Reports recently tested two types of frozen pies to find out which ones were worth it.

The verdict:
When it comes to pies, you need to look for one with a crust that’s crisp and sturdy, which is a sign of quality. You also want a filling that’s rich, creamy and not too sweet—all of which are hallmarks of a good frozen pie. We’ve found a few frozen pies that fit the bill.

The taste:
The overall impression was that the pies were a good value, and they were tasty enough to satisfy my craving for something sweet after dinner. However, the crusts could have been crisper, and I would have liked a little more chicken and vegetables in the gravy.

A note about freezing and thawing:
Be careful with a frozen pie that contains gelatin, because the thawing process can break down the gel. This can cause the pie to weep, so it’s best not to thaw such a pie unless you are planning on serving it right away. If you do decide to serve it frozen, be sure to bake it for a longer amount of time than the recipe instructions suggest. For example, if the recipe calls for baking for 40 minutes at 425 degrees, bake it for 50 to 60 minutes. It’s also a good idea to use a cookie sheet when baking the pie, which helps keep the bottom crust from becoming too soggy. فطائر مجمدة