In the modern era, moonstone rings have become a symbol of love and commitment, as well as for fertility and psychic powers. Many people also wear moonstone to connect with the divine feminine energy, and to reclaim their inner wisdom. Moonstone rings are a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will complement any look.

Moonstone is a natural stone that looks white or grey but can have an iridescent blue-white color, making it a very unique and beautiful gemstone. It is a type of orthoclase feldspar, which is composed of potassium aluminum silicate. Its unique ethereal glow has made it one of the most beloved stones in mystical jewelry.

It is known as a crystal of new love and is believed to promote unconditional love. It is also believed to help reconcile lovers after quarrels. For these reasons, it is also a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Many couples choose to get a ring engraved with their names, date or phrase for added sentimentality.

This enchanting gemstone is also thought to enhance intuition and increase the ability to see visions of the future. It is also believed to be a good aid for overcoming insecurities and fear, helping us to trust our own feelings. For this reason, it is often a favorite gemstone for women who are struggling with the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy and motherhood.

Moonstones are very versatile and are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also a very affordable option for anyone looking for a spiritual gemstone that is both beautiful and meaningful. In addition, this gemstone is easy to care for. It can be easily cleaned with a little water and mild soap. The stone is too fragile to be used in steam or ultrasonic cleaners, so it is important to avoid those types of cleaning methods.

When choosing a ring for yourself, be sure to select a setting that will protect the moonstone from scratches and other damage. A bezel or four-prong setting is a great option for this purpose. Also, be careful not to rub the ring against hard objects or surfaces. These actions may cause the ring to crack or break. It is also important to store your ring away from other jewelry pieces that could scratch or knock against it.

The price of a moonstone ring depends on the quality of the stone and the metal it is set in. For example, a blue moonstone will have a higher value than a white moonstone. The ring’s designer and jeweler will also play a role in its overall cost.

Since moonstones are not commonly found in traditional jewelry stores, it is best to shop for this type of ring at custom and artisan jewelers. For example, jewelry designers like Bario Neal and Luna Skye specialize in unique gems that will complement any style. Similarly, shops that offer a wide selection of bridal jewelry, such as Etsy and Catbird, are also good choices.