Australian Travel Agent
The company is an industry powerhouse and a favorite with Aussies, providing accessible full service and cheap rates. But it’s known to add administrative fees at the end of booking, and can be a pain to deal with when things go wrong on holiday.

A fully licensed travel agency can arrange international and domestic flights, hotels, tours, accommodation, car rentals, transfers and more. They’ll also provide expert advice on visa requirements, vaccinations and travel insurance. Some travel agents specialise in a particular destination or type of trip, like luxury, family or adventure travel. Others have their own niche, such as business travel or weddings.

If you’re planning an Australian adventure, it’s worth finding an ATAS accredited tour operator or travel agent who can plan your whole itinerary. These professionals have been trained by Tourism Australia and have travelled extensively in the country. They can help with every detail, from the best time to visit to how to make your trip as stress-free as possible.

There are several ways to become an ATAS accredited travel agent. One option is to complete a Certificate III in Travel (SIT30216). You can also study at a diploma, bachelor or masters degree level with a major in travel management. You can also join AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, which sets strict standards for its members and has a code of conduct. It also runs the only scheme in the world that protects travel agencies from credit card chargebacks. Australian Travel Agent