Professional Austin maid services provide homeowners with a variety of house cleaning and organizational solutions. They can assist with vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting, washing dishes, and sanitizing bathroom fixtures. They can also wipe down countertops, empty trash cans, sweep garages and patios, clean interior windows, and sanitize appliances. Some cleaning professionals offer add-on services such as laundry service and event assistance. They may also take donations of clothing and non-perishable items for SafePlace, a transitional housing space for victims of domestic and sexual assault.

Unlike independent maids, established cleaning companies such as Maid for You and Molly Maid of Greater Austin are insured and pay social security and employer taxes. Their workers use hospital-grade and EPA-approved disinfectants to remove germs, dirt, and grease. They can perform recurring or one-time cleaning sessions, and they also have backup maids to accommodate busy schedules and holidays.

When hiring a maid, it’s important to be clear about the type of cleaning you need. Typically, regular cleaning sessions occur weekly or bi-weekly and include routine tasks like vacuuming and surface wiping. It can also include deep cleaning items such as scrubbing showers and toilets, cleaning drip pans, and cleaning the inside and outside of microwaves. These tasks are usually rotated on each session.

Move-in and move-out cleanings are conducted for property owners who want to prepare their homes for a new tenant or buyer. These cleanings ensure a fresh, sanitary home, free of any remnants of the previous resident or renter. They can also help fulfill lease or sale agreements and prevent disputes or penalties. professional Austin maid services