An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business by seeing a market need and working to fulfill it. This type of person is often credited with starting the modern concept of capitalism, as well as driving economic development in their regions and countries. Entrepreneurs are often described as go-getters who have an insatiable desire to see their ideas come to fruition, whether or not the endeavor is successful. Entrepreneurship is also seen as a mindset that can be adopted by those who work in nonbusiness settings, such as nonprofits and social movements, and within existing companies, as well. Such individuals are referred to as social entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Traditionally, the term entrepreneur has been applied only to those who start businesses. However, today, the words entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship have expanded to be used more broadly to describe an individual who identifies unmet needs in various settings and works toward finding ways to meet those needs.

A person who is an entrepreneur is able to create their own business by applying their knowledge, skills and abilities. These individuals are usually able to create products or services that are unique, and are also able to develop and implement business plans that allow them to establish their own businesses. Some entrepreneurs are also considered serial entrepreneurs, which means they are able to successfully launch multiple businesses in a short amount of time. This is especially true for those who work in the technology industry, as entrepreneurs are able to leverage their technological abilities to create innovative new products and services that disrupt the market. Joseph Daher Batman