Selective androgen receptor modulators are a new group of powerful supplements that promise to build muscle and burn fat. However, like other supplements, they are not without their risks.

SARMs are a group of experimental drugs that are often used illegally by bodybuilders. Because they have not been approved for human use and are still in research, they carry documented health risks that have not yet been fully studied. In addition, illegal products may contain ingredients or a different dose than the one listed on the label.

Sarms mimic the androgenic effect of testosterone, binding to androgen receptors in your cells. This causes the cells to become flooded with androgens and sends a signal that they need to grow quickly. This is in contrast to steroids, which have a much more scattered or wide-ranging impact on your body.

There are many SARMs currently available on the market. Some of the most popular include Andarine (GSX-007), RAD140, Ostarine and Ligandrol. Each has its own unique qualities, but all are known to increase strength, lean muscle mass and improve bone density. They are also effective at cutting, as they can help you lose fat while building muscle.

It is important to remember that sarms have not been fully tested for safety and effectiveness, so you should talk to your doctor before taking them. Moreover, they should not be taken by people with preexisting medical conditions. Also, it is important to follow proper PCT procedures, as some SARMs can suppress naturally occurring testosterone levels.