Vintage Persian Rugs Are Treasured For Their Flawless Proportions And Effortless Fluidity

There is nothing quite like an antique persian rug to infuse a space with a sense of rich heritage and culture. When hand-made, these heirloom pieces are a living history book with each design telling a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. With an extensive inventory of these vintage oriental rugs, Chairish can help you bring your vision for the perfect home to life.

What makes a vintage persian rug so special is that they were not just designed to be utilitarian floor coverings; they were woven as true works of fiber / textile art. As such, they are coveted for their fine weave quality, stunning colors and artistic patterns. Their presence transports us to faraway places and bygone eras. Their beauty and artistry inspire a powerful, international following.

Persian rugs are a true luxury. The art of weaving was developed into a highly sophisticated craft during the Safavid dynasty that spanned from 1501 to 1732. By the 16th century, the royal palaces of Persia were adorned with these elaborately detailed pieces that featured a multitude of geometric motifs and figures inspired by Persian culture. With the advent of Western influence across the Middle East, primary cultures began to lose their ability to sustain traditional craftsmanship and original designs. The result is that the rugs we see today are very different from those of yesterday.

The difference in rug prices is a direct reflection of the level of skill that was required to weave the piece. Generally speaking, higher price tags reflect a more intricate pattern with a higher knot count in the wool. These rugs have been woven for hours and days to produce one square inch of surface area.

Whether it be a formal Persian city rug made in the weaving centers or a rustic, tribal style from small villages, these rugs are an excellent investment. While they are priced more than a generic Persian rug, they will not depreciate as much in value and will likely appreciate over time.

Master Persian weavers such as Ziegler Sultanabad, Mohtashem, Haji Jalili and Aboul Ghasem Kermani produced masterpieces that are prized by collectors for their artistic use of color and their high knot count. The rare opportunity to acquire a rug that has been created by a master weaver is one of the most rewarding experiences in collecting.

The best vintage Persian rugs are the ones that embody a balance between classical elements of form and contemporary influences of function, scale and composition. The most desirable rugs combine a perfect proportion of scale and repetition with an unabashedly artistic use of color to create a unique, signature look that is both timeless and modern. For these reasons, they are sought after by designers and art enthusiasts alike. Their allure and timeless appeal make them a must-have for any serious collection.