When it comes to gift shopping for a cyclist, there’s a good chance you might have to think outside the box. It’s all well and good buying them a new pair of wheels or a shiny bike jacket, but there are plenty of fun and functional cycling gifts that might go down a treat. We’ve scoured the internet for the most unique and quirky gifts that you can buy your favourite cycling lover. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for a cyclist, we’ve got all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas to get you started.

We’ve found some pretty cool cycling t-shirts, gloves and even a pair of leg warmers that will have the person you’re buying for oohing and aahing over their new kit. But it’s not just about the clothing, you can also buy cycling accessories to improve the rider’s experience on the road and help them become a more efficient cyclist. For example, these reflective gilet straps are a great idea to make them stand out on the road and these waterproof shoe covers will keep their feet dry.

For the more serious cyclist, a smart cycling watch is a handy accessory to help track their fitness and performance. This iZon watch is great for anyone looking to increase their cycling performance and features GPS tracking to monitor speed, cadence, heart rate and more. Its sleek design means it’ll look just as good on the wrist as a regular watch too.

There’s also the option to customise these cufflinks and pendant with a racer figure of their choice, so you can get them something special that really shows off their love of cycling. They’re not cheap but they’re a unique and practical gift for any cyclist that they’ll be able to use on a daily basis.

Cycling fans are always on the lookout for the latest bikes, so this carbon fibre frame will definitely be a winner. It’s a lightweight and stiff frame that’s been built to the same specifications as professional road bikes, so your cyclist will be able to ride comfortably with a full carbon fork.

There are a number of different colour options for this bike too, so you can pick the one that suits their style best.

This is a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift for any cyclist who is an admirer of the pros, as they will be able to display this replica of a Mark Cavendish or Mathieu Van Der Poel jersey on their wall. It’s an impressive piece of art that would certainly be the centrepiece of any home or office.

This is a very funny gift for any cyclist that loves to have a laugh, but it’s also surprisingly useful too! The duck bell is made of solid zinc and has a retro feel, making it the perfect stocking filler.