Modern fire sprinkler systems rely on highly pressurized water to extinguish flames and prevent property damage. To maintain high levels of pressure in the system, fire pumps for sale are used to pump water into the system. These are usually located in the basement or bottom stories of high-rise buildings to ensure that there is enough water pressure for the entire building.

Different types of fire pumps are available to address specific application requirements. For example, a positive displacement fire pump uses a limited flow of water to create a lot of pressure. These pumps are often used in combination with water mist and foam systems. On the other hand, centrifugal fire pumps for sale are the most common fire pump type. They use the rotation of an impeller to spin water and create a lot of pressure without overusing the pump.

Another common type of fire pump is the end suction fire pump, which features a discharge outlet that is perpendicular to its suction inlet. These are more compact than horizontal split case fire pumps, and they can be installed with either an electric or diesel driver.

Finally, there are also portable fire pumps for sale that are designed specifically to help wildland firefighters battle forest and brush fires. These are lightweight, durable, and offer both portability and firefighting capability with a high-performance water pump. They have a wraparound frame for increased protection and a combination nozzle that can switch from a straight stream to a cone spray with ease.