There are times when your sporting interests can take you to different places. You might want to try skiing on foreign slopes, playing tennis on surfaces not available in your country, scaling a famous mountain overseas, or diving into the clear waters in a different region on the globe. It can be thrilling to play your sport abroad for various reasons.

The question then is whether or not to bring your own sports gear with you when you fly, especially when you’re one of those athletes who don’t feel comfortable using other pieces of sports equipment and you feel like your performance is better when you use your own gear. However, there are certain disadvantages if you decide to travel with your own sports equipment.

Renting sports equipment abroad versus bringing your own

One of the disadvantages of packing your own sports gear with you, unless the idea of lugging it around is fine by you, is the hassle of having to carry it with you before getting on the plane and after you get off it. There’s also the aspect of having to pay for excess charges in case your sports gears are big and heavy. For example, if you’re into skiing or wakeboarding, you’ll surely need to employ a special way of packing your skis or your wakeboard and may have to pay shell out additional cash for excess baggage charges you may incur.

On the other hand, if you rent it abroad, you don’t have to go through the cons mentioned earlier. The only disadvantage with this option, if there’s any, is having to pay for the rent of the equipment you’re going to use.

Cost check

Before going on that sports trip overseas, try to compare the cost of checking your equipment versus renting it while you’re staying at your destination. If the cost of checking it far outweighs the price you have to pay for renting it, then the latter is your best bet. And again, there’s the convenience of not having to be encumbered with heavy gear while walking around.

Check restrictions and requirements

There are sports equipment that can be considered as carry-on, including basketballs, tennis balls, and softballs. The restrictions on sports gear may vary from one airline to another. If you decide to take your surfboard with you, it has to meet certain size and weigh requirements. Packing a fishing rod usually requires for it to be secured within a PVC cylinder prior to being checked.

If you’re willing to go through all that trouble just so you can take your own sports equipment with you, then go ahead and take it with you. But if it’s convenience you’re after, you’d be better off renting sports equipment at your destination. MLB중계