Funko is a collectible toy and lifestyle brand that produces licensed pop culture toys, bobble-head-styled vinyl action figures called Pops, plushies, clothing, homeware and accessories. They own a wide range of licensing agreements and produce products based on popular movies, television shows, comics, video games and sports teams.

The company’s main product line is the Pop!, which are highly-collectible and stylized figures of popular characters from various movies, TV shows, video games and other franchises. They also produce plushies that are shaped like popular franchise characters and clothing items including t-shirts and hats. In addition to these main product lines, the company has created several other lines of products, including Dorbz, Vinyl Gold, Mystery Minis, Popsies, Ad Icons and stuffed animals known as Squishy.

Upon walking through the store, you’ll find it is equal parts Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Disneyland-without-the-rides, with giant replicas of characters from every popular movie and TV franchise on display throughout the retail space. There are dedicated areas for Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, DC Comics and Anime, as well as a Build-Your-Own Pop! factory and a section of plush creatures named Wetmore Forest.

The shop is located in downtown Everett and is easily visible from the street with its brightly-lit sign. It’s within a block of some of the city’s best food and coffee, so make sure to visit Karl’s Bakery, Valley Organic Deli or Independent Beer Bar before or after your visit. funko store