AI tools are sweeping the internet, and they’re a huge boon for users who want to reduce work and improve productivity. But there are so many of them now that it can be hard to keep up. Fortunately, a few AI fans are making it easier than ever to find the right AI tool with free directories that organize and categorize the best AI apps out there. Some are websites, some are GitHub repositories, and some are even simple Notion databases.

One of the more unique free AI directories is Prompt Vine, a website that hosts a collection of prompts for ChatGPT. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to try out a new prompt or just get inspired by other people’s creativity. Another good choice is Quora Poe, an online AI tool that takes the most popular question-answering bots and brings them together in a single place for easy access.

While the other AI app directories on this list are more suited for professionals, AI Infinity is a great option for students or anybody looking to make things more fun. The site features a random tool every time you click on the “Discover” button, acting like a sort of StumbleUpon for AI apps that you might not come across otherwise. It also has a neat card-based interface that shows the tools in a quick, compact format.

For writers, Article Forge is the perfect tool for writing long-form articles and blogs quickly. It uses a simple text input and automatically generates the content in less than a minute. The site has a free trial period, so you can give it a shot and see how well it works for you.

The most creative of all the free AI tools is probably Descript, which takes any YouTube video and turns it into a fully-branded movie trailer in a matter of seconds. The AI can be tweaked to change the mood and tone of the video, so you can use it for professional purposes as well.

Unlike other AI-powered writing apps, this one focuses on writing actual content for your business or personal projects. It creates SEO-friendly blog posts, social media captions, and ad copy with just a few clicks, and it comes with a Chrome extension that lets you apply the generative AI to any webpage for instant results.

There’s no shortage of image creation AI tools, but few are geared towards making cartoons or characters from real-life drawings. The good news is that the best of these tools are all free, including PicsArt and Pixlr, which can easily turn your photos or videos into animations.

While some AI tools require manual inputs and aren’t completely foolproof, most can significantly reduce your workload by taking on the tasks that you’re not best at. These gap-closing AI tools can be invaluable in helping you work more efficiently and open up novel approaches to solving problems. Just remember that they aren’t a replacement for your other tools; it’s always smart to pair AI with a manual tool for the final touches. Free AI directory