Thailand elite is a membership program that allows foreigners to live and work in the country. It offers various packages with different benefits and fees, ranging from five-year to 20-year visas. The program aims to attract affluent travelers and those who want to make Thailand their second home. It also provides assistance with navigating the Thai bureaucracy and a range of services that make it easier to live in the country.

Applicants can apply for the program from anywhere in the world. They simply send a soft copy of their passport and the necessary documents to an accredited agent. The agent will then communicate with the Thailand Elite Immigration Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct due diligence checks. This process may take up to a month for most nationalities and three months for people from certain countries. Once the criminal background check and immigration checks are complete, the applicant will pay the required fee for their chosen package.

The fee will cover the cost of the application, immigration processing and other administrative costs. This fee can be paid online or by bank transfer. Once the payment is received, the agent will submit all the documentation to the Thailand Elite Immigration Office and the Ministry of foreign affairs. After the documentation is approved, the member will receive a letter of approval. Then they can begin the visa application process.

As soon as the member arrives at the airport, they are greeted by a hostess and transported by limousine to their place of residence. They will then be given a visa stamp at the immigration office in less than 30 minutes, compared to the hours non-members would spend waiting in line.

Members can also take advantage of concierge and limousine services, which are included in the cost of their membership. They can use the service 24/7, and their concierge can help with arranging business appointments and even putting them in contact with professionals. The concierge can also help them open a bank account, get a driver’s license and obtain administrative documents.

The membership program has different packages, ranging from five-year to 20-year multi-entry visas. The longer-term packages include limousine and concierge services, and they can be upgraded if needed. It is possible to add a family member to the program for an additional cost.

The application process is simple and fast, and you can do it from any country in the world. The package you choose will determine the immigration status you get in Thailand and the type of visa you need. It will also determine the level of luxury and services you can enjoy. The most popular option is the Easy Access Membership, which includes a 5-year multi-entry visa and a variety of concierge services. This is the best option for those who want to travel to Thailand frequently. The other options are Elite Superiority Extension and Elite Ultimate Privilege, which are both 10 years memberships with the possibility to renew them once. Thailand elite