Whether your bathroom is looking outdated or just not as functional as it could be, renovations are an excellent way to update the space. By incorporating modern niceties like walk-in showers, smart toilets, heated floors and double vanities you can not only make the space more functional but also more luxurious. There are many different renovation options to consider depending on your family’s needs. The design team at The Bathroom Pro are specialists in small and large Melbourne bathroom renovations, taking into account your lifestyle and the design of the rest of your home.

Renovating the bathroom also provides a great opportunity to introduce a fresh new theme. This may be a change of color or the introduction of a unique element such as a mirror frame. For those who want to create a more uniform look, it is also possible to incorporate a theme that will tie in with the other parts of the house to create a cohesive design.

Moreover, renovating the bathroom offers an opportunity to address any health and safety concerns that may have been caused by old and worn fixtures. Often older bathrooms can harbor issues such as leaks, mould or structural damages that are not always apparent to the naked eye. In such cases, renovations are the best option to rehabilitate the space and ensure that it is safe for the whole family. Melbourne bathroom renovations