Online coaching pt is a growing trend as more people seek personal training outside of the gym. Some clients are new to exercise, while others have a background in fitness but prefer a different style of workout or have specific goals in mind (such as weight management, tone, or definition). Whether you’re a seasoned S&C coach or just starting out as an online trainer, a great coach will be able to adapt their sessions and schedules to fit each client.

Online PTs will typically use software to deliver their personalised programmes. This means that their clients can access their workouts and dietary plans at any time of day or night. They can also communicate with their PTs through email, text, or phone. This level of support is a big advantage for clients as it prevents the gap between sessions from becoming an excuse to skip workouts or eat unhealthy food.

Another advantage is that an online PT will be able to help clients with their motivation and accountability. Many of us have worked with clients who travel a lot or have busy schedules that make it difficult for them to train consistently in the gym. An online PT can check-in with their clients daily or weekly to keep them on track and motivated, which is something that in-person PTs struggle to do. This is a big reason why online coaching is so effective. It can be the difference between a client reaching their goal or not.