There are many justifications for why I for one feel that a cooler rv cooling units is superior to the acquisition of a 12 volt fridge. Indeed, the facts really confirm that a fridge keeps the food new for longer than a cooler, however when you consider the expense in question and the support to a cooler, it makes you grateful you didn’t buy this kind of fridge in any case.

Absence of Extra room

Have you seen within these coolers? Albeit every one of the notices will express that there is adequate extra room accessible, there may be space for around a few containers of Coke and a few vegetables. How could you spend hard brought in cash on a cooler that can store a couple of things?


Discussing costs, the costs of these coolers are crazy. Why spend nearly $300 on a fridge when a refrigerator will cost you not exactly a portion of this sum? Indeed, the facts confirm that you will save power over the long haul. Indeed, the facts confirm that they consume less energy. Be that as it may, you are in an ideal situation saving a couple of additional dollars and purchasing a standard fridge.


Despite the fact that there are such countless surveys about how great the 12 volt fridge is, try to keep your hat on, my cooler quit working following three days of purpose. Regardless of the number of calls I that made to the sellers and asked them for assist in fixing this cooler, the after deals with servicing of this organization was not the slightest bit great. Be that as it may, I comprehend this was one organization. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about the cooler? Presently it remains in the storm cellar and is a decent stockpiling place for undesirable devices.

Battery and Different Extras

At the point when I purchased my fridge, I was almost completely sure, possibly by mistake, that the wide range of various frill went with this machine. That’s what I trusted assuming I followed through on such a cost for it, the least they could do was incorporate the embellishments for nothing. Kid was I off-base! I needed to spend more cash on the acquisition of the extras, for example, power strings, power converters, battery savers and so on when I purchased the fridge. Thus, the following time you wind up thinking about a 12 volt fridge, recall what I said.

As a rule, especially for home use, it is obviously better to have a fridge than to spend hard brought in cash on a cooler that doesn’t work following three days of purpose!

Nonetheless, for voyaging and for marine use, I would suggest a 12 volt cooler that can plug into a power connector. A cooler in these conditions wouldn’t be useful, obviously. A minimal cooler with cooler would likewise be a superior travel-related choice.