Previously I have revealed 4 Strategies that you need to know to win at sports betting.

Number one of the four strategies is to get access to winning picks. Anyone can pick sports events. You can even flip a coin if you want to. But you already know the outcome of flipping a coin and the juice will eat you alive.

I have picked my own sporting events in the past and I found out after a lot of lost money, that I was not good at it all. In fact I would be right about 38-40% of the time. So if you have been involved at sports betting at all you know that that kind of winning percentage is just not good at all.

So after losing that money from my own picks I wanted to find a way to get winning picks. That’s when I came across professional handicappers.

Professional handicappers are a good source for winning picks but here’s the problem. Being able to find reputable handicappers that actually do what they say they can do. There are a lot of handicappers in sports betting that claim huge winning percentages.

But the truth of the matter is a good sports betting handicapper is only right around 58-60% of the time. No matter what they claim the good ones out there aren’t going to give you 75-80% correct sports picks. They may have runs they can back an outrageous claim with. They just forgot to tell you of the same streak of losing picks.

Handicappers are a good source of picks for sports betting but you really have to be careful to find ones that are reputable and don’t promise the world. Because handicappers can be very expensive, it’s a challenge to find the best value.

Just remember handicappers want your money just as much as your bookie does. So be careful not to lose money on the front and back end of a sports betting wager. 해외스포츠