The oil-rich nation of Qatar is famous for its flashy ultra-modern skyscrapers and is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its economy is largely based on petroleum but the government is actively encouraging diversification and encouraging business to set up here. The country boasts the third largest natural gas reserves in the world and has one of the highest GDPs per capita in the Middle East.

Flexible office space is on the rise in Qatar and this trend is expected to continue as businesses increasingly require more agile working environments. Even large corporations are shifting towards this type of workspace in order to cut costs and improve staff productivity.

Qatar has a diverse economy and is ranked as the best emerging market in the Middle East by EY, thanks to its booming oil and gas industry as well as its high-end services sector. It is a top choice for foreign investment and attracts firms from all over the world looking to expand into this exciting region.

There are many reasons why companies are choosing to open offices in Qatar, and this is largely due to the fact that it’s an incredibly stable economy with very low levels of corruption. Additionally, it offers a very competitive labour market and a favourable business environment. The country’s growing population is creating demand for a wide range of products and services, and this is providing ample opportunities for new businesses to enter the market.

Setting up a Serviced office in Qatar can be a great way to establish a presence in the market and it’s important that you have all the information you need before making your decision. There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind, including the location of your office, the price of the rent and the types of services offered by the provider.

As the market for Serviced office space in Qatar continues to grow, the quality of these facilities is improving and you can now find modern, fully-furnished spaces in prime locations across the city. These offices come with a wide range of business services, such as personalized telephone answering and mail receipt, stylish visitor reception and secretarial support, as well as access to an immaculate conference room. You can also expect to enjoy a high-speed data connection and 24/7 secure access.

If you’re thinking about setting up a company in Qatar, then you’ll need to first submit the Articles of Association and commercial registration application. This will include all of the information about your company, such as job positions and nationalities. Once this has been approved, you can then begin the process of obtaining your Trade License. Once you’ve obtained this, you can then start locating a physical office space and apply for your Computer Card. The process can be time consuming, but it is vital that you take the correct steps in order to ensure that your company will be successful in Qatar.