RV owners are often on the move and need to keep food and beverages cold throughout their journey. While ice chests can be cumbersome, messy, and require a constant supply of ice, Norcold refrigerators are reliable, efficient, and easy to use for travelers on the go.

The brand is well-known for its innovative solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction, providing a range of refrigerators to fit different travel styles and sizes. Their models feature a cooling zone in the door shelf to cool milk or juice, an integrated freezer compartment that can be accessed by opening the refrigerator door, and an intuitive control panel for users to adjust their fridge’s settings as they go.

If you are considering buying a new Norcold refrigerator, or are already an RV owner and looking to repair a damaged appliance, it’s best to know the common problems that can occur before calling a professional. Knowing some basic troubleshooting information can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle on the phone with an experienced service technician.

The LUKYER 634166 Door Hinge Kit is a durable replacement option for Norcold refrigerator doors, offering a perfect fit and easy installation. The kit has received high reviews from customers for its reliability and compatibility, while also reducing the risk of hinge breakage. The UPGRADED Lifetime Appliance 61692222 Spark Sense Electrode is another replacement option for Norcold refrigerators, featuring an exact fit and easy installation. The spark sense electrode is rated for up to 5,000 hours of use and is ideal for fixing issues related to flame sensing. norcold refrigerator parts