SKP Airport offers plenty of rental car options to fit your budget and driving style. Find deals on compact cars and SUVs or ride in comfort with a premium vehicle.

Rent a car and explore all that North Macedonia has to offer. Take a road trip to Matka Canyon, a natural wonder with towering cliffs and crystal-clear waters or visit the capital city of Skopje with its mix of neoclassical and modern architecture.


You can find a wide range of cars available to rent in Skopje airport, including economy and luxury models. Some companies offer unlimited miles and insurance for an extra fee. It’s best to book your car in advance, as prices tend to be higher during the high season. Also, check the location of the rental desk – off-airport locations are usually 27% more expensive than on-airport options.

When renting a car in Skopje, you should consider the amount of driving time and traffic that you plan to do. Generally, it’s best to choose a smaller vehicle with more fuel efficiency. In addition, you can save on gas by driving on local highways instead of city streets. It’s also a good idea to avoid renting a car with GPS or other amenities, as they can be quite costly.

To get the best car rental deal in Skopje, you should start looking for deals at least three to six months in advance of your trip. This will give you a wider selection of cars and allow you to compare prices. If possible, try to book a car at a downtown location rather than the airport. This will save you money on both the rental and the transfer to the airport. Moreover, it will also be easier to pick up your car in the event of any unexpected changes in your itinerary.

Pick-up time

Car rentals are convenient and affordable way to explore Skopje, North Macedonia. With a rental car, you can bypass the bus schedules and visit all of the city’s top attractions at your own pace. Car rental prices vary based on the season and location, but booking your rental car in advance can help you save money. Additionally, choosing a pickup location outside of the airport can reduce your car rental costs.

In addition to the rental price, there may also be additional charges such as insurance, GPS, or child seats. These extras can add up quickly and should be factored into your car rental budget. To avoid overpaying, make sure to read the fine print of your car rental contract before signing. In addition, if you’re traveling for business, opt for a long-term car rental to get the best deal on your Skopje car rental.

In Skopje, most of the car rentals available for rent at SKP Airport are from local companies. These companies often offer better deals and prices compared to international car rental providers. Moreover, local car rental companies can provide more information about the area’s roads and traffic conditions. Besides, they can also offer tips and advice on how to make the most of your trip. In addition, local car rental companies can often offer after-hours drop-off services for your convenience.

Additional charges

Car rental agencies at Skopje Airport offer a wide variety of vehicles to meet your needs. Some companies even provide 24-hour services to make it easier for you to grab your vehicle. All you need to do is present the ideal documentation, sign the rental contract, and pick up your keys at the counter. You can also save time by booking your car online.

Car prices at SurPrice SKP Airport vary depending on the type of vehicle and the time of year you book. For instance, mini, economy, and compact cars tend to have lower prices. On the other hand, luxury/premium cars and passenger vans cost more.

If you plan to return your car at a different location than the one where you picked it up, a one-way fee may apply. This is because the rental company must transport the vehicle back to its original location. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you are traveling with children or pets.

You should always review the terms and conditions of your rental car agreement to avoid any surprises. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the local driving laws and regulations. Lastly, you should bring a valid driver’s license and proof of identity with you when picking up your car. It is also a good idea to carry an emergency kit with first aid supplies and water.


If you’re looking to rent a car at Skopje Airport, there are several companies to choose from. The prices can vary depending on the time of year and day of the week. The best time to book a car at the Skopje Airport is 23 days in advance, which can save you up to 50% on your rental.

The most popular vehicle groups at Skopje Airport are Medium, Small, and Premium. Momondo provides a comprehensive list of available vehicles from each of these companies, so you can find the one that’s right for your trip. You can also filter by vehicle type, add-ons, and policies to quickly compare the prices of different options.

When you’re ready to return your car rental, be sure to bring it back to the same location it was picked up from. Some companies may charge extra fees for late returns, so it’s important to know ahead of time what to expect. The driver should also be prepared to show proof of age and a valid driving license before picking up the car.

With a cheap Skopje Airport car rental, you can easily get around and explore the capital of North Macedonia. With a rental car, you can visit major buildings and monuments that etch out the city’s architectural elan. You can also drive out of the city to visit Ohrid, which is a mountainous region with a lake and national park and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. rent a car skopje airport