Aerial and drone photography, virtual tours and 3D renderings are major technical innovations in real estate marketing. But they can also be expensive.

Experienced photographer Jillian Lancaster advises new photographers to “stick with one area of the industry until they are confident.” Developing a consistent artistic style is key to success in the business.

Aerial Photography

Real estate drone photography is an effective tool for showcasing the beauty of a property. It allows buyers to see the property from a variety of angles, which can help them make an informed decision about whether they want to schedule a viewing or not. A well-crafted drone video can also highlight the surrounding area and other points of interest, which can help the property stand out in a competitive market.

Aerial photos can be used for marketing purposes, such as for listing websites or print advertising. They can also be used for construction or development projects to track progress, collect valuable data, and showcase completed work.

Drone photography can also be used for landscape design or to create a virtual tour of a property. This type of marketing material can be very helpful in attracting potential buyers, as it provides a realistic view of what the property will look like once it is finished. It can also help buyers understand the layout and the features of a property better.

Professional profile photos are essential for any real estate agent or seller. Our team can capture high-quality photographs using our professional drones. We offer a range of packages that include aerial photos, floor plans, and walk through videos. Our prices are competitive, and we can provide you with a quote on request.

Floor Plan Photography

As a real estate photographer, it is important to offer your clients everything they need to market their listings. This includes adding value services like interactive floor plans. These add-ons help make your clients stand out from their competitors, increase lead generation and ultimately close more deals.

In addition to a virtual tour and high-resolution photos, floor plans help potential home buyers understand the layout of the property and give them an idea of how they will move through it. When paired with a video tour, it gives a complete picture of the property and increases the likelihood of an offer.

To create an interactive floor plan, the real estate photographer uses a software program to draw a scaled drawing of the property and its rooms. It shows a layout of the living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. The drawing also shows the location of windows and doors.

Adding this service can be done at the time of the photoshoot or as a separate project. To order the floor plan, agents simply go to the Listing Media Services website and select the Essentials or Premium package. They then provide the address and square footage of the property and schedule a shoot with one of their local photographers based on their real-time availability. Once the shoot is complete, agents receive all their listing media back in as little as the next business day.

Aerial Videography

The aerial footage that drones are able to capture is a great asset when it comes to marketing any property. They can be used to capture unique shots that show off a property’s features in ways that traditional photos cannot. These shots are also able to elevate classic real estate photos by showing a wider view of the area than would be possible otherwise. For example, a shot of the curb appeal of a home is often used in listing descriptions but it may not do the property justice from ground level. An aerial shot, however, can give a better idea of the size of the home and its yard.

Another type of aerial filming is aerial cinematography. This involves mounting cameras on aerial or flying objects, such as helicopters. The videos that are captured from this kind of filming are very striking and provide a different perspective than what can be obtained from a normal camera.

Whether you are marketing an apartment complex, commercial property or a single family home, professional real estate photography is essential for attracting potential buyers and tenants. Quality real estate photography can help increase a property’s sales value and generate more leads than a poorly shot property. Professional photographers use the best equipment and know how to frame and compose a shot to make it look its best.

Walk Through Videography

Real estate walkthrough videos are a great way to showcase property features. They can help potential buyers envision themselves living in a space and overcome geographic hurdles that prevent them from touring properties in person. They also provide a more dynamic and interactive experience than traditional photos.

When choosing a real estate videography company, look for a team that has the skills and experience to create high-quality property videos. They should understand your vision and goals for the video and work with you to make sure that the final product meets your needs. They should use high-quality cameras, drones, and stabiliser equipment to ensure that your property videos look professional. They should also be able to offer a variety of editing finishes, including voice overs and fly aways, for an additional fee.

Video walkthroughs are an effective marketing tool for a variety of industries. They are used by real estate professionals to show off their listings and attract potential buyers, as well as by businesses for’meet the team’ videos and other day-to-day content. They are also useful for recruiting, as they can give candidates a better idea of the culture and office environment before making a decision to join a company. They can be more effective than written descriptions, as they can evoke an emotional response and create a sense of excitement for the viewer. Real estate videography Christchurch