Real estate agents make money when they sell properties. They charge a fee of around 4% of the selling price. This fee is used to cover advertising costs and other expenses.

Opes recommends affordable two-bedroom townhouses in Christchurch City as an investment option. These can yield high rental returns. However, they may not be the best choice for investors with large deposits or lending capacity.

Brooksfield properties are unique

The Brookfield Properties portfolio includes a wide range of properties in a diverse set of markets. Its portfolio includes office and retail commercial properties, stakes in various real estate funds, and a number of financial assets. The company’s assets total $113 billion.

The company’s core business is a unique blend of office and retail real estate. Brookfield has an extensive network of offices around the world and focuses on sustainable development. The company’s investments span across all major sectors of the market, including office, retail, multifamily, and hospitality.

Brookfield Properties also owns and operates a large portfolio of malls in the US. This diversified portfolio is designed to provide a variety of experiences for consumers. The company’s malls are located in the heart of the most affluent markets and offer a diverse selection of retailers. The company is well-positioned to continue growing its retail portfolio in the future.

The company is unique in its approach to investing in real estate, focusing on delivering a value-added experience for customers and tenants alike. Using the latest technological advancements, Brookfield has created an innovative platform called SPACE+ that offers flexible workspaces for its tenants. These workspaces incorporate luxury finishes, calming colors, and organic textures to create a productive working environment. Additionally, the spaces include a variety of collaboration areas and focus booths that allow employees to concentrate and work without distractions.

They’re a good fit for owner-occupiers

Brooksfield’s unique townhouses are a good fit for owner-occupiers who want something different. They are located in suburbs close to the city centre and often have a modern interior with a heritage exterior. They also have a lot of personality, which can be appealing to some buyers.

The company’s directors, Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman, are passionate about building British-style homes in Christchurch. They’ve even given them names like Coronation Street in Spreydon and Hendon St in Hendon. While their homes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they’re proving popular with buyers.

Unlike most New Build houses in Christchurch, which have an open-plan layout, Brooksfield’s townhouses have separate kitchen-dining and lounge areas. This gives occupants two living spaces and is a feature commonly found in London homes. This floor plan isn’t for everyone, but it can provide a more spacious feel in the home.

Brooksfield has made a bold promise to pay for anyone’s mortgage for a year if they move to Christchurch and buy one of their properties. The offer is available to anyone from Auckland and Wellington, as well as overseas. The offer was launched as the housing market cooled, and Brooksfield hopes it will boost sales. But it’s important to note that the company is still relatively new and has a limited number of developments in real estate video Christchurch