Restaurant promotion is a difficult and time consuming task. The trick is to fill the tables and then to exceed all of your customers’ expectations. Once you get the customers in the door, it is important to do everything within your power to keep them coming back. Ultimately, this is accomplished by serving excellent food and offering great front of house service all at a price that is agreeable with your target audience. If you get that right, you have done 90% of the work. Promotional gifts such as fridge magnets can help entice your visitors back.

Think about it. When people are in their kitchens after a long day at the office, cooking may be the last thing on their minds. They go to the refrigerator to see what is inside and it’s empty. They close the door and grab their car keys to go down to the shop and get something when your low cost fridge magnet catches their eye. They think why not go out tonight!

Promotional fridge magnets are an excellent low cost promoter. They can be given away along with a plastic promotional pen when your customers finish their meal. Children especially love them. Fridge magnets can easily be put in a pocket or handbag and taken home. Studies have shown that once they are stuck to a refrigerator or other metal surface such as a desk in an office, they are left there to promote for you for a very long time.

You will find that you have a tremendous selection of fridge magnets to choose from. Here I would like to highlight some of the most popular.

Smooth PVC magnets: These are the least expensive and perfect for high volume promotions. Standard shapes are round, rectangular or square but they can be cut into special shapes which is good if you have a special shape in your logo. They can be printed up to full colour.

Layered PVC magnets: A bit bulkier than the before mentions magnets and slightly more expensive, these have a textured almost rubbery finish and can be easily printed up to four spot colours.

Acrylic fridge magnets: These can be printed in brilliant full colour. I have seen both rectangular and circular options. They are rigid and feel more expensive than the PVC options. Perhaps this is because they are.

Memo Boards: There are several memo board style magnets on the market. These are great because they not only promote your logo and details but they are also useful. People need to have a note pad and may just make arrangements to come back to eat at your restaurant when they need a new pad.

Memo Clips: Some popular fridge magnets come with a clip so that they can be used to hold important information such as children’s art projects and gym class timetables. These are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Ask you supplier to send you samples of the products that are of interest to you. They should be happy to do so. You can then make an informed choice as to which option will work best for promoting your restaurant. norcold refrigerator