Technology has allowed for all of the modern conveniences in our lives to become portable, allowing for traveling, movement from room to room, and easy installation. On a daily basis we heat and cool our home with portable space heaters and portable air conditioners. We use mini, portable refrigerators to keep our food fresh, and small, compact water dispensers to meet our daily needs, without taking up a significant amount of room. One of the fastest growing popularities in appliances today is the compact and innovative, portable ice maker. Due to fast operation, ease of use, and small size that doesn’t take up any space in your already-packed freezer, an icemaker is becoming a necessity for several households.

A portable icemaker is basically an electric refrigerator used to supply ice cubes. In case you are unsure, ice machines are larger, commercial units, while the term portable icemaker usually refers to the small, ever popular, compact icemakers, that are great for taking outdoors for a party, or transporting to an outdoor event without a large hassle or the expense of heavy, store-bought bags. Usually when a hot day comes along, the price of bags of ice in your local grocery store will curiously rise right up. However, with your own low-cost icemaker not only do you save yourself the annoyance of running to the store and carrying the heavy ice bags (which often times break open before you even arrive back home), but you also save yourself an expense. It costs pennies to run the water tap to you own personal ice maker whenever you want to, without a higher cost when the temperature is hotter or when you need a lot of ice at once.

The units works quite simply. A water line (usually a plastic tube) connects to a valve on the unit. Portable icemakers also can be filled with a water bottle, whichever you prefer. The water flows into the central freezer, and an internal thermostat will initiate the ice-making cycle when a preset temperature is met. In a matter of minutes, the mechanism will strategically apply a small amount of heat to the frozen cubes, so that they can be released and used or stored, however you like!

Here are some great suggestions:

Several portable and compact icemakers all deliver results in fifteen minutes or less,

AI-300S: 26 pounds per day: 10 minutes

AI-400SB: 28 pounds per day: 7 minutes

AI-200SS: 35 pounds per day: 10 minutes

AI-200W: 35 pounds per day: 7 minutes

AI-100S: 28 pounds per day: 15 minutes

AI-210SS: 35 pounds per day: 6 minutes

As you get a glimpse into our portable icemaker selection you can see that it takes a very short amount of time to produce ice and each has a slightly different, but very large daily output. No other selection on the market comes with these results for the prices we offer.

A compact icemaker truly is the latest necessity for the modern kitchen. With lustrous, smooth exteriors and fast, convenient operation, nothing is left out of the equation. Plus, the good news is you can keep your busy schedule without having to worry about the little things like running to the store for a heavy bag of ice! An icemaker will last for years to come and provide you with one more appliance to make your home the most innovative and contemporary place it can be.. flake ice machine