Are you tired of constantly pointing your phone at random places just to catch a Pokémon? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of turning off the AR mode in Pokémon Go.

By doing so, you can improve your catch rates, save battery life, and increase your overall gameplay efficiency.

Don’t worry, we’ll also provide you with some helpful tips to adjust to playing without AR mode.

Get ready to level up your Pokémon journey!

The Drawbacks of AR Mode in Pokemon Go

One of the main drawbacks of using AR Mode in Pokemon Go is that it can drain your phone’s battery quickly. When you enable AR Mode, the game uses your phone’s camera and graphics processing power to overlay the virtual Pokemon onto the real world. This immersive experience is undeniably exciting, but it comes at a cost.

The constant camera usage and rendering of augmented reality elements put a heavy strain on your phone’s battery. As a result, you may find yourself needing to charge your phone more frequently or risk running out of battery while you’re out hunting for Pokemon. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of an intense battle or trying to catch a rare Pokemon.

To avoid this issue, many players opt to turn off AR Mode and play in regular mode to conserve battery life.

How Turning off AR Mode Improves Catch Rates

Turning off AR mode significantly improves your catch rates in Pokemon Go. When AR mode is enabled, Pokemon appear in the real world through your phone’s camera, making them harder to catch. The Pokemon can move around, making it difficult to aim accurately.

By turning off AR mode, the Pokemon will be displayed on a static background, making it easier to aim and catch them. This allows you to focus solely on throwing Pokeballs without the distraction of the real-world environment.

Additionally, turning off AR mode reduces battery usage, as it doesn’t require constant camera usage. So, if you’re looking to increase your catch rates and conserve battery life, it’s highly recommended to turn off AR mode in Pokemon Go.

Enhancing Battery Life by Disabling AR Mode

To conserve battery life while playing Pokemon Go, you can disable AR mode.

By turning off the augmented reality feature, you can significantly enhance your device’s battery life. The AR mode uses your device’s camera and processor, which consumes a considerable amount of power. Disabling it will allow you to play the game for a longer period without needing to recharge.

Additionally, playing without AR mode can also make it easier to catch Pokemon since they’ll be stationary on the screen. This eliminates the need for constantly moving your device around to align the target.

Increasing Gameplay Efficiency Without AR Mode

By utilizing other gameplay strategies and features, you can enhance your efficiency in Pokemon Go without relying on AR mode.

One effective strategy is to use the in-game radar, which helps you locate nearby Pokemon. Pay attention to the footsteps displayed next to each Pokemon on the radar; the fewer footsteps there are, the closer you’re to finding the Pokemon.

Additionally, take advantage of the Pokemon Go Plus device. This wearable accessory allows you to catch Pokemon and collect items without even needing to look at your phone. It vibrates and flashes when there’s a Pokemon or PokeStop nearby, saving you time and battery life.

Lastly, consider using lures and incense to attract more Pokemon to your location, increasing your chances of encountering and catching them.

With these strategies, you can maximize your efficiency in Pokemon Go without relying on AR mode.

Tips for Adjusting to Playing Pokemon Go Without AR Mode

To maximize your gameplay experience without AR mode, try implementing these helpful tips.

First, make sure to turn off AR mode in the game settings. This will allow you to catch Pokemon without having to constantly move your phone around.

Next, consider using a Pokemon Go Plus device. This wearable accessory will alert you to nearby Pokemon and allows you to catch them with a simple press of a button, saving you from constantly staring at your screen.

Additionally, try to familiarize yourself with the Pokemon spawn points in your area. By knowing where certain Pokemon are likely to appear, you can save time and focus on catching the ones you want.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of lures and incense to attract Pokemon to your location.

These tips will help you adjust to playing Pokemon Go without AR mode and enhance your overall gameplay experience.


In conclusion, turning off AR mode in Pokemon Go offers several benefits.

It improves catch rates by making Pokemon easier to locate and catch.

It also enhances battery life, allowing for longer gameplay sessions.

Furthermore, disabling AR mode increases gameplay efficiency by eliminating the need to constantly move your phone around.

With these advantages in mind, adjusting to playing Pokemon Go without AR mode can greatly enhance your overall experience.