Whether you are an RVer who is planning on taking your vehicle out for a long trip or just going camping with the family, you’ll want to keep your food cold. Having a refrigerator that is quiet and reliable will help you enjoy your experience on the road.

Norcold is one of the most popular refrigerator brands found in RVs and has been a trusted name for decades. Its gas absorption refrigerators are quiet and dependable, requiring no moving parts and using gas (or propane) as the main source of power when electricity isn’t available. These appliances are also highly efficient, drawing very little energy and saving you money on your electric bill.

Founded in 1959, norcold is based in Sidney, Ohio and is part of Thetford Corporation. It has been the leader in bringing bold products – like its Polar Series refrigerators – to the recreational vehicle industry. These fridges are designed for families on the go, providing a sleek appearance with taller door panels and hidden hinges for a built-in look.

These fridges are equipped with a “Night Mode” that lowers the boiler heat and fan speed to reduce energy usage. They also have a touch-control LCD panel that is easy to use and a manual defrost option that saves you money on your power bill.

norcold refrigerator can be powered either by LP gas or 120V AC power and have 3-way or 2-way operation depending on the model you choose. The 3-way refrigerators will switch automatically from electric to propane, allowing you to avoid the need for flipping a switch yourself when changing between power sources. norcold refrigerator parts