Modern cabinets are sleek, streamlined and often use specialty finishes and materials. They also tend to be less decorative and more minimalist in design than other cabinet types, which gives them a clean look. They can be used as a backdrop for more decorative kitchen furniture like wood worktops or accented with stylish drawer pulls and hardware to bring out the best in their design.

Modern cabinet can be fashioned from a number of different materials, but one of the most common is wood. This is typically natural or stained, but it can also be painted in a number of different colors to suit your style. Other options include metal, which can be either smooth or textured and is often crafted in a more industrial style. Glass is another popular material for modern cabinet, and it can be used for doors or drawer fronts to add a touch of glamor or to let in extra light.

Many people who select modern cabinet also choose a color scheme that is simple and clean. White is a classic and timeless choice, but black, gray and even some bolder color tones can be used in this style.

The cabinet hardware you choose for your modern cabinets will have a major impact on the overall look of the space. Stainless steel is a basic and classic option, but other finishes like brass or copper are available as well. You can also find a range of styles that are more decorative, including tubular or rectangular bar pulls and full-length drawer handles that accentuate the lines of the cabinets.