Even the hallways are an important part of the home and that is the reason homeowners take the trouble to decorate them, but others do not see the real need to do this. They think that they are not that big of a deal and do not pay attention to them. There is a very simple way to dress up the hallways using the best floor rugs available in the right size and shape that are suitable for narrow areas. They are known as runner rugs and are very popular no matter what your overall house looks like on the interior. You need to know how to get the right size for your hallways before you shop though.

For you to obtain the best size of runner rug; there are certain factors that will help you identify the best width and length that will fit your hallways perfectly. Let’s try to take a look at all of them before you sit down and make an absolute decision.

If you can follow this easy method, you will never have to worry about buying the kind of runners that do not really sit perfectly on your hallway.

First you must carry a tape measure, piece of paper and a pen to do some simple calculations after noting down the length and width you need. You will do this by measuring your hallway by getting the exact length and width then use these figures to do a little calculation.

Simply subtract from the width of your hallway some 4 inches. It means if your hallway is 40 inches the perfect runner for you will be 36 inches. It leaves you with a good space of 2 inches on either side of the wall.

It is a similar calculation for the length although this requires that you subtract a bit more. Do this for the length of the hallway, just remove 22 inches. It gives you 11 inch of clear space at each end of the runner rug.

Normally this space left between the runner and the wall enables it to have a good framing effect. It makes sure that the runner does not overwhelm the hallway.

This rule of the thumb makes you get the perfect sized runner rugs you need for the hallways in your home no matter the size of the hallway. Just try to follow these tips and in no time you will have a hallway that looks a lot better than you can ever imagine. vintage persian rugs