Matter residences is a new launch condo located in Mattar Road. It is near Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School. Its proximity to these schools is a big selling point of this project. This project is expected to yield 250 residential units.

Matter is an interoperability protocol that solves a big problem in the smart home: different systems can’t talk to each other, so you need multiple apps and cloud service back-ends to get a lightbulb or door lock to turn on when you unlock your door. Matter works by allowing devices to communicate directly with each other over your local network (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Thread), rather than detouring over the Internet.

The first Matter-certified devices are starting to hit the market, including the smart plug from iHome and smart locks from Lockly and Aqara. Many other current Wi-Fi devices can upgrade to Matter through over-the-air firmware updates. And even Zigbee devices can eventually make the switch to Matter over Thread, which will let them interact with Matter-certified hubs and controllers.

But at least for the time being, you’ll still need manufacturer apps to set up a Matter-compatible device and access any advanced features, like energy monitoring in smart plugs or dynamic lighting scenes in smart lights. You’ll also need a controller app to connect a Matter-compatible device with your smartphone or other control center. matter residences