As times become more hectic and money to travel is less available, people are choosing to turn their homes into their own sanctuaries. Many gardens are being designed not only for beauty but also to provide an oasis for the mind and spirit. In particular, Japanese Garden designs evoke a strong feeling of tranquility and peace of mind. Japanese garden is all about harmony & balance, as well as using the right components. There are three traditional types of Japanese Garden designs and all integrate the use of the beautiful bamboo plant.

  • Tsukiyama – Translated into “constructed mountain”, this garden is designed with hills and contours and includes a type of water (either a pond or stream). Other elements include bamboo garden fences and a Japanese temple/house.
  • Karensansui – Meaning “dry garden”, Karensansui uses elements such as sand or rocks. Sand is raked in certain patterns that symbolize waves of water and benches are placed throughout to give owners places for quiet reflection.
  • Chaniwa – This is the most complex of the designs and includes a winding pathway leading through a garden of water types and lush vegetation, eventually ending at a Japanese teahouse.

Whether or not you choose a Japanese garden design, you can incorporate bamboo into your garden in a variety of ways to exude an extra sense of peace and serenity.

Bamboo Fountains – Water features are an important part of Japanese garden designs and are excellent ways to create a space that evokes peace and tranquility. They are also a way to add a unique design element to your yard and if needed, the dripping water can aerate a pond.

Bamboo Benches – Bamboo has a straight fine grain like oak wood but is stronger and can endure better in outdoor weather conditions. It’s pliable enough to be made into variety of designs and lightweight enough to be made into folding chairs that can be stored and moved at your own convenience. Make sure to look for products finished with natural oils.

Bamboo Wind Chimes – If growing a border of melodic bamboo is not an option, consider livening up your landscape with a bamboo wind chime. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, wind chimes are the easiest way to bring a soothing element to your garden.

A garden with any Japanese design element will be your oasis from this crazy world, giving you a space to reflect, meditate and spend time with friends and family. Bamboo is a natural and durable design option for the garden you desire (and deserve).

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