Having boiling water instantly available can make a big difference in your kitchen. It’s a great way to quickly cook vegetables or pasta, brew a cup of tea or instant coffee, reheat leftovers and more. Plus, the tap eliminates the risk of burnt-on food or water that’s been sitting in a kettle for too long.

Instant boiling water tap are also more energy-efficient than traditional electric kettles. They use less electricity because there’s no loss of heat as the water travels a short distance. Plus, you won’t need to keep refilling your kettle – just a quick press of the button dispenses as much hot water as you need.

Most of the taps we have on offer dispense water at just under 100oC, which is ideal for making hot drinks and tea. Some even allow you to fine-tune the temperature output so it’s exactly what you need. For example, some teas require a lower temperature to avoid burning the leaves and spoiling the taste.

Some models also come with a water filter that can help reduce limescale and improve the quality of your hot water. This can be especially helpful in areas with hard water.

All of our instant boiling water taps are easy to install and can be fitted by a plumber. They’re usually a similar size and shape to a standard tap and are installed underneath the sink where you have space for the tank. You may need to install an electricity socket nearby as well, but you don’t normally need an electrician if it’s a standard 240V tap.