Whether you’re tired of waiting for the kettle to boil or looking to revamp your kitchen with something that looks the business, an instant boiling water tap could be the answer.

Plumbed into your plumbing and fitted under sink, these hot taps have boiler tanks that store warm water ready for you to use whenever required.


An instant boiling water tap is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. It saves time over using a kettle and looks fantastic. It also comes with a number of handy features that help you save energy and money, such as temperature control settings and a child lock system.

Boiling water taps work by connecting to your existing plumbing and heating the water on demand. They come in a wide range of styles, with some including swivel spouts and even hot water filters. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with any kitchen, with some being available in matt black finishes.

Many models are also insulated, so that they don’t feel too hot to the touch. There are even some that deliver boiling water up to 100oC, which is great for making tea and noodles.

Some models dispense boiling water from a dedicated spout, while others have a separate mixer tap for regular hot and cold water. The latter option is generally a bit more expensive, but it does offer more functionality. Some taps also dispense sparkling cold water, which can be great for coffee. In terms of safety, most boiling water taps have a child proof push and turn handle and are fitted with a fine spray head to reduce splashing. This prevents accidental scalding. They also have a spring locking mechanism that immediately closes the spout, which prevents near boiling water being left unattended and drastically reduces waste.


Imagine never having to wait for a kettle to boil, or filling and emptying jugs of water to chill in the fridge. These taps will take that hassle away and save you time and energy – making your life at home just that little bit easier!

These taps have a thermally-insulated tank heater that’stores’ boiling water and dispenses it on demand. Once the water has been drawn from the tap, fresh cool water is forced in to replace it, and so the system continues working. This prevents overuse and ensures the tank is topped up regularly.

Unlike a traditional kettle, these taps are designed with safety in mind and prioritise child-proofing features. They feature automatic shut-off mechanisms, insulated parts and advanced monitoring systems, meaning you can enjoy your hot water without worrying about burns or accidents.

Boiling water taps also come with built-in filters that protect you and your family from harmful substances like lead, chlorine, dirt, sediment and bad taste and odour. They are a great option for those living in hard-water areas, as they will help reduce limescale build-up and keep your water crystal clear. These taps can be installed at your sink, or if you’re installing a large kitchen with a smaller space available, they can be installed in a separate font as a standalone unit (called a ‘boiler’) for a more discreet and stylish look. They can also be fitted with a filtered cold water tap for instant, chilled drinking water.


A boiling water tap is a great kitchen accessory for any home but it’s important that homeowners are aware of any risks associated with this appliance, particularly in homes with young children. The good news is that most reputable brands offer a range of safety features to help keep families safe. For example, a Quooker tap has a sophisticated safety system that means it will never dispense boiling water without being activated by the user. This is achieved by a complex press and turn mechanism, which helps to prevent accidental scalding by children.

In addition to this, most boiling water taps have a child lock to prevent children from turning the tap on. Many also feature a sprung handle that requires pushing before twisting to operate, which further reduces the risk of accidental scalding. Lastly, boiling water taps generally have an insulated system so the spout itself does not get hot, which further protects against accidental scalding.

Like any other kitchen appliance, boiling water taps require regular maintenance. They should be cleaned regularly with a clean damp cloth or sponge, to avoid any build-up of dirt or chemicals. In addition, it’s advisable to change the filter in your boiling water tap every six months – this is a vital step in maintaining the quality of your drinking water and prolonging its life.


A boiling water tap is a kitchen investment but saves you energy, money and space in the long run. It is also a greener alternative to the traditional kettle and reduces your use of single-use plastic bottles and filters.

The tank of a boiling water tap is fitted underneath your sink and dispenses piping hot, filtered water from one simple touch of a button. The temperature can be adjusted to suit your taste and the unit will automatically switch off when no more water is needed. Some brands offer timers and sleep settings, which is a great function for those that want to turn their tap off before going to bed.

A boiling water tap can be a little pricey as it is more complex than a normal mixer tap. You will need to budget for the installation costs of your new tap as well as a large capacity insulated tank, replacement filters and other accessories.

It is important to shop around and compare features of different models before making your final decision. Look at the size of the tank, what temperature it can be set to and whether you are after a model that dispenses both boiling and ambient water as well. Many Australian companies, such as Zip Taps and Qettle, manufacture and design their own boiling water taps which can be cheaper than some of the leading brands.