We all need a little extra motivation sometimes, which is why jewelry with positive messages and quotes makes such a great gift. From engraved bracelets to rings displaying single words, these inspirational pieces aren’t just pretty accessories; they offer encouragement, strength and hope.

Whether it’s the symbol for peace and innocence, or the hand of God protecting you from evil, these necklaces, rings and earrings carry a powerful message that can be worn at any time. Whether for yourself or as gifts for friends and family, these beautiful and meaningful pieces are the perfect way to remind them of their own inner strength.

There are many different types of affirmation jewelry, and the options range from a simple ring with one word engraved to a bold tag line that defines a collection. LVL Collective’s “Fearless” bracelet is the perfect example of this trend: The piece features a sword-shaped design that symbolizes cutting through ambiguity and finding clarity. The bracelet is handmade by local artisans in Cambodia, and 10 percent of proceeds go towards helping fight human trafficking.

For something a little more subtle, Alex and Ani’s “Breathe” pendant is an elegant reminder to just breathe, especially during stressful times. The piece comes complete with a sterling silver chain and an inscription of the phrase on an inner circle. Birds are also a common motif in inspirational jewelry, and the dove is particularly popular for its meaning of love and peace. This talisman from LVL Collective is designed to promote balance, creativity and willpower, which could come in handy for anyone fighting for a promotion or trying to make big decisions. motivational jewelry