Good icebreaker questions are simple yet effective ways to get your team talking and collaborating. They help to break down barriers and build a sense of compassion between team members, which is essential to productive teamwork. These icebreaker questions are great for bringing people together, especially in virtual meetings, and can be used with new team members or for teams who already know each other well.

These icebreaker questions will encourage your team to think on their feet and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. They will also inspire some fun conversations and laughs, which is a sure way to warm up a meeting!

In addition to getting your team to talk and bond, these icebreakers can also be used as discussion starters for more in-depth topics. For example, if a team member is passionate about music, you can ask them which musicians they admire most, or for more information on a topic, you can use a ranking poll question such as “What was the best book you read last year?”

Our customer success manager team lead Mirka Chromkova uses these icebreaker questions in her hybrid meetings with her fully remote team. She says that they’re great because they’re short and quick, yet still allow her team to feel like they’ve bonded with each other. Try out these icebreaker questions in your next meeting, and see how they can bring your remote team closer together! For more team building ideas, check out our full list of virtual team building activities. good ice breaker questions