Apple recently unveiled iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 updates, with new features like ProRes video capture for iPhone 13 Pro models, SharePlay to allow users to watch movies, TV shows, listen to music and share their screens during FaceTime calls, as well as ProRes video capture on older iOS versions and more. Some users are currently experiencing issues with this feature.

  1. Go to Settings

Apple recently unveiled iOS 15.1 (codenamed Monterey), featuring SharePlay support. In addition, this update brought support for ProRes recording video format used professionally by iPhone 13 Pro owners – some users reported disabling music downloads over cellular data or turning off the equaliser in Apple Music can help solve some problems; though these workarounds will likely be fixed permanently with future software releases.

  1. Tap FaceTime

Apple recently implemented some hidden features into FaceTime that you may have overlooked, most notably an innovative shutter button to capture live photos during video calls. This feature came out with iOS 11.

One additional improvement to FaceTime calls is the capability of using third-party applications during calls, including media such as TV shows, movies and Apple Music songs from third-party apps like Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max Hulu MasterClass Tiktok Pluto TV SoundCloud which have all been updated with SharePlay support.

Create a Focus that filters notifications during FaceTime calls for maximum concentration and productivity while working or reading, to reduce distraction. A Focus will appear in Messages and supported third-party communication apps so contacts know not to interrupt you during this call.

Apple has also enhanced the mute and keypad functions in FaceTime, giving you greater control when muzzling both camera and microphone simultaneously. Furthermore, an option was recently added that allows busy users to automatically decline facetime requests when available.

Settings have also introduced a feature to allow you to tailor the sound settings during a FaceTime call, such as Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum which will adjust ambient noise according to your speaking voice.

  1. Tap Turn Off

iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 has officially made its way out to eligible iPhones and iPads, yet some users are still experiencing problems with SharePlay – an innovative new feature which lets you share movies and music via FaceTime calls with another user.

Audio can be played back on any of three ways – either the built-in speaker, headphones attached to the headset jack, or wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones connected with iPhone. When playing songs with lyrics, these will appear on-screen while you listen; your playlists and other options can be browsed by tapping More; plus you can share what you’re listening to with someone wearing compatible AirPods or Beats headphones.