A solid conservatory roof is one of the best ways to improve your space. It keeps it cosy and warm in winter, cool in summer and usable all year round and also significantly reduces glare. It can be personalised with roofing tiles designed to match your property and it will even make the room quieter as it no longer has to deal with the loud dripping sound of rain on glass.

A well-insulated solid roof will help to cut down on draughts and noise from outside too. The insulated panels are available in a range of colours and styles to compliment your existing conservatory and they can be fitted with skylights to keep the space full of natural light if desired.

Solid roofs can be fitted to new conservatories and to old ones too. This is known as a ‘retrofit’ and it is a popular way to turn unusable or poorly-insulated glass conservatories into rooms that are warm and cosy in winter, cool in the summer and comfortable all year round.

When fitting a solid roof to an existing conservatory, it’s vital that the structural integrity of the structure is not compromised in any way. Your installer should carry out a survey to assess whether this is the case and should be able to provide you with a certificate once complete.

As a general rule, you won’t need planning permission to fit a solid roof to your conservatory but you must check with your local authority before you begin work. You will also need to get a Building Regulations final certificate if you replace less than 75% of your existing roof with a solid one. solid conservatory roof