In a business landscape that’s increasingly global, reaching a broader audience is a top priority for brands. And a huge part of establishing that connection lies in hiring captivating voiceover artists. Whether it’s for a promotional video or audio dubbing, these professionals are equipped to handle all sorts of creative projects that help your brand get its message across.

While a good voice can be a crucial asset in the world of VO, it’s not enough to guarantee success in this industry. In addition to a resonant and expressive voice, successful professional VO artists possess a suite of soft skills that ensure the highest levels of service. These qualities include versatility, an ability to adapt quickly to feedback from a director or dialogue editor and work well outside their comfort zones, and persistence as they hone their craft.

These attributes are important in a profession where work is often unpredictable. Unlike regular actors, voice artists can find themselves on both short and long term projects—the voice of a commercial may be needed for twenty seconds, while the narration for a new video game could take months to complete. This makes it important to plan for the future and choose a VO agency that’s flexible and reliable.

When choosing a VO artist, check their profile to see if they have substantial experience in your project type and provide samples of their work. Lastly, look for a gig with pricing information listed per word. This will allow you to select a package that aligns with your needs and budget. VoiceOver artists services