A youtube playlist is a collection of videos that plays one after the other. They are used by both personal users and businesses for a variety of purposes including organizing, curating and sharing videos. YouTubers often create a youtube playlist for their channel as a way to keep viewers engaged with content and convert them into subscribers. Playlists are also an important tool for marketers as they can increase the reach of your videos outside of YouTube.

Playlists are easy to create and can be shared via link, email, Facebook or Instagram. You can also embed a youtube playlist on a website or blog.

YouTube playlists are a great way to engage your viewers and tell a story. They can help you drive traffic to your site, improve your SEO and boost brand awareness. Playlists can be created around a particular topic, theme or event. For example, if you are hosting an event, you can create a playlist that includes all the videos that you have created or will be creating about the event. This will give your audience a chance to get a more complete overview of what you are offering and will encourage them to attend your event.

You can also use your youtube playlist to promote and sell products or services. For example, if you are running an online course, you can create a playlist of all the videos that are part of the course. This will allow your students to view all the videos they need to learn from you and ensures that they do not miss any lessons. Playlists can also be used to promote and sell merchandise such as t-shirts and other promotional items.

The title and description of your youtube playlist should accurately reflect the content that is within it. The title should be catchy and informative, while the description should include keywords that people will search for to find your playlist. You can add up to 5,000 characters in the description, but it will be shortened when displayed on search results.

Creating a youtube playlist is simple and can be done in your studio dashboard. Click on the pencil icon to edit your playlist. From here you can choose to make your playlist public or private. If you make the playlist private, it will only be viewable by those who have a link to it. If you make it public, it will be visible to everyone on YouTube.

You can also change your playlist settings from here, such as changing the cover image or adding a description. Once you are finished, click the save icon to save your changes.

To make your playlist stand out from the competition, you can choose a video as a thumbnail for your list. This will help entice your viewers to click on it when it shows up in search results. You can also edit the playlist thumbnail from the three dots menu on your studio dashboard.