Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world RPG where players control Aloy as she explores a dangerous frontier. Throughout the game, players will encounter a number of Quests and Bosses that they need to defeat.

One such Boss is The Enduring. This Legendary Tenakth Master is a recluse who trains those she deems worthy. She can be a tough fight, but beating her is worth it as she rewards you with a permanent boost to Spear Damage.

Block Breaker Combos (R1, R1, R2)

When you get to the end of the Melee Pit challenges you’ll have to fight The Enduring, a Tenakth melee master. She can be a tough Boss to beat due to her high damage output and ability to parry attacks. However, there’s a way to make the process much easier using simple combos and a bow.

To do this you’ll need to have the Block Breaker Combo unlocked in the Warrior skill tree. This involves striking enemies R1, R1, and R2 over and over again until their health depletes. If they’re close enough to hit with a heavy attack you’ll see their eyes glow blue. When that happens you’ll want to quickly switch to your bow and shoot them.

This will cause them to drop their weapon guard, allowing you to follow up with an attack or two. Another helpful tactic is to do a light assault, then hold R2 as you leap over the enemy to land a strike on them while in mid-air.

Both of these moves will help you take down The Enduring and will also be useful when you’re fighting other enemies in the game. Just be sure to practice them against AI opponents in the practice mode before taking on the real thing. Otherwise, it could be a long, painful battle. Good luck!

Resonator Blast

The Enduring is a tough Boss to beat in Horizon Forbidden West. Her attacks are very powerful & she can take a lot of damage. Luckily, there is a way to beat her with the Block Breaker Combos & Resonator Blast.

Resonator Blast is one of the new powers Aloy can unlock & upgrade through the Warrior skill tree in Horizon Forbidden West. As revealed in a PlayStation Blog post, this melee-based power charges up her spear with energy when it hits enemies. When ready, she can place the energy on an enemy – either robot or human – and shoot it with her bow for massive damage.

To charge up your spear with Resonator Blast, just keep hitting the enemy with Light (R1) & Heavy (R2) attacks. This will gradually fill up the meter, which will then turn blue when energized. When ready, you can transfer this energized energy onto an enemy by aiming your bow at the target’s blue glow. This will then trigger the Resonator Blast, dealing high damage.

The best thing about this skill is that it will allow you to instantly break an enemy’s weapon guard, leaving them vulnerable for a follow-up attack. However, it can be difficult to execute at range, especially when an enemy is rushing you. That’s why the Aerial Slash & Jump Off are also important skills for blocking enemy attacks and quickly repositioning yourself.

Another useful feature of Resonator Blast is that you can deal even more damage when energizing an enemy. This will be a handy option when fighting enemies that have shields, such as the Thornmarsh Master, Tenallo & Tenalla.

Resonator Blast is an essential skill to master if you want to unlock the new trophies in Horizon Forbidden West. It can be a bit tricky to use, but if you can get the timing right, it can make it much easier to defeat the Enduring and finish off the chain of challenges in the Chainscrape Melee Pit. Check out our full guide on taking on these challenges for more tips.


Essentially, dodging means moving out of the way to avoid getting hit or caught. She dodged the bullets aimed at her and jumped behind the car. He feigned illness to avoid the military service.

If you’re playing on a low difficulty, this fight shouldn’t be too difficult. However, it’s important to use all the tactics you’ve learned so far to beat the enduring. Keep using combos and arrows when she exposes herself as well as dodging to avoid her attacks. It’s also good to make use of the Smoke Jars present in the arena. Breaking them triggers an area of smoke that can stop her chained attacks for a short period of time.

As you’re able to dodge more and more, you can gradually increase your dodge chance through skills. For example, if you’re not already at 75% dodge chance, then adding Evasion and Uncanny Evasion to your skill tree will grant you an additional 1.5% of dodge chance each. Moreover, these skills also have a cooldown that fades after dodging a certain number of attacks. The more you dodge, the faster your character can counterattack, which in turn increases their damage. If you reach 8 or more points in Dodge Counter, then counter attacks will do 1% more damage than normal. This is a great way to deal high amounts of damage quickly. Defeating the enduring completes The Enduring Errand Quest and rewards you with +3 Skill Points, 6500 XP, and +1 Spear Damage. Good luck!