The Healing Codes is a powerful self-healing process discovered and developed by Dr Alex Loyd. It eliminates the cause of 95% of all illness and disease by addressing the core emotional issues that are at the root of the problem. This is done at a cellular level and reactivates the neuro-immune system allowing it to work in the way that it was designed to.

The process involves locating and then healing the negative cellular memories that are responsible for shutting down the body’s natural immune system. It works by identifying the negative emotions and then identifying the specific memory where those emotions were originally created. Once that memory is identified, a truth focus statement is then created. This is a spiritually based statement that counters the underlying lie that has been holding the memory in place. It is this ‘truth focus’ statement that is focused on while doing the healing codes.

Once a block is identified, it can be eliminated through the healing codes by simply reversing the direction of the negative energy. The process is backed by a 100% iron clad, money back guarantee and is changing the lives of thousands around the world.

The best way to understand the power of the healing codes is to experience it first hand. So I highly recommend you try them for yourself and see what happens. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this discovery – the time is now. healing codes