The music industry is rapidly changing in response to new technology. Initially, social media platforms helped artists reach new people in a remarkably inexpensive manner. Popular social media services like MySpace and Facebook let users spread new music in seconds. Some musicians have turned to other more advanced technologies like custom iPhone apps to promote their latest releases.

However, some artists are unaware how easily they can promote new albums on YouTube. Millions of users each day consume videos over this popular video sharing site. Lots of bands are getting in on the action by posting new songs, music videos, studio updates, and video blogs for their fans.

Why Garage Bands Should Post Video Content on YouTube

First of all, streaming videos are very easy to share on social media sites. A quick press of a button allows your fans to embed your latest in-studio footage, interview, or live performance right into their activity stream on their favorite sites. Their friends are far more likely to view an embedded video than many other forms of sharable content.

Also, many people find out about new artists after searching for specific keywords in search engines. YouTube videos command respect from services like Google, and successful viral offerings can help you achieve prominent placement in search results.

What Type of Content Should a Band Post?

The best possible option is to record an inexpensive music video. These videos are the preferred way for most people to check out a new band. This trusted format essentially works as a form of press kit since the viewer can see the band members, hear the song, and get a general idea of the personality of the group all at once.

It can also be a good idea to post live performances. Some people search for videos filmed at their favorite concert venues. If you correctly tag all of the information about the concert, including the other bands that performed on the bill, you may be able to get additional traffic as users search for those other terms. It is not necessarily important that the live performance footage is of exceptional quality; most social media users are accustomed to watching live videos filmed by fans.

Studio updates are great to post when your band is hard at work on a new album. These types of video updates allow your fans to gain a greater understanding of the writing process. The better your fans understand you as an artist, the more likely they will be to stick with you through multiple releases.

Another great way to promote is to engage in video blogging. In fact, musicians can weigh in on a variety of popular issues of the day to brand themselves in the minds of their supporters. Some artists like to talk about politics or their favorite activities. These are great low-cost updates as users are accustomed to viewing content filmed on webcams or inexpensive mobile phone cameras.

Go Viral

New bands have their songs go viral every day. This can be a life-changing event. The best way to increase your likelihood of experiencing this is to regularly promote content on video sharing sites like YouTube. Doing so will help you cultivate a closer relationship with fans as the format is uniquely compelling to most internet users.

It’s true that social media, custom mobile applications, and other modern information technology tools can be used to market musicians, but it is important to also offer properly tagged video content. Today’s garage bands have so many free tools to use when cultivating an international following. youtube live stream views