Fire Pumps for Sale

When disaster strikes, the most important thing to have is a working fire suppression system. Whether in your home or an office, it is vital that these systems are able to work effectively and efficiently. Without the pressure of a working fire pump, even the most simple sprinklers will not be able to send enough water with sufficient volume to prevent an emergency situation from getting out of hand.

Fire pumps are the heart of every fire protection system. They create the necessary high-pressure that will allow water to pass through a system and into any area where it is needed. They can be powered by either an electric motor or a diesel engine. The fire pumps for sale at Feld Fire include a full range of sizes, capabilities and water capacities that can meet any need.

The most common type of fire pump is a centrifugal pump. These are the most commonly used and are the preferred choice for many of our customers. Centrifugal pumps generate pressure by spinning or rotating the impeller. The centrifugal force causes the water to be pushed outward against the rim of the pump casing. The rotation of the impeller also generates suction power.

The MARK-3 portable fire pump for sale is an excellent example of a fire fighting pump that is capable of generating the pressures required to get sprinklers up to the height they need to be. This backpack portable fire pump has been the preferred pump of initial attack crews and forest agencies around the world since 1964. It is the strongest available lightweight fire pump designed to withstand high-pressure and is at the core of most water delivery systems in wildland operations.