Watches are made to stand the test of time and can accompany you through all of life’s milestones. They can also take a beating, and like any mechanical device they will need to be serviced for optimal performance. While the frequency of a full watch service varies by individual watch wearers, most will benefit from having their watches fully overhauled every five to 10 years.

A fully overhauled watch will include cleaning and degreasing of the movement, polishing the case, bracelet and dial and reassembling the whole piece. The watch will then be tested for water resistance and any necessary adjustments will be made.

Choosing the right place to have your watch repaired is a big decision and will likely depend on how much you value your watch and what kind of repair work is needed. Some watch repair shops will specialize in certain brands or models and you may be better off going to a specialist for your repairs. You can also try to find a repair shop that does everything in-house rather than outsourcing any part of the service.

If you are looking for a full service, a watchmaker should be able to explain to you exactly what is involved and the cost. This is important so you have an idea of how long the repair will take and what the total cost should be.

The shop you choose should be open and honest about its space and be willing to let you tour the workshop if you ask. You will probably be paying for the space and time a repairman spends looking at your watch so it is best to know where that money is going.

Getting a Watch or Jewelry Appraised

There are many reasons to get an item appraised, including finding out its worth for insurance purposes, getting an appraisal before selling the item or determining if it has been stolen or damaged. The appraisal process is usually simple and quick and the person who is doing the appraisal will have a lot of experience in appraising different types of items.

A watch or jewelry appraisal can be a great way to protect an asset or add value to it, and if the item is a family heirloom, it can be a great way to keep track of the value of your item over time. An unbiased professional who can provide an impartial opinion is often the best choice when it comes to getting a valuable item appraised.

Buying an Antique Watch

There is nothing better than owning a watch that has been in the family for generations. A watch that has been in the family can tell a story of the history of a family and it is important to maintain and care for these items to preserve their beauty and functionality.

Whether you have an antique pocket watch or just want to keep your old family heirloom in good condition, there are services available for watch repair near me. These services can help you restore your watch to its original condition and give it a new lease on life. watch service near me