The James Bond of actuators, these explosion proof valve actuator are designed to contain an internal explosion without causing any external blast. That means they’re the ultimate sentinels of the industrial world, keeping your project safe from harm with their fail-safe circuits that revert to a safe position should something go wrong.

They’re essentially the savviest of the bunch, delivering precision control to your rotary or linear valve. Incorporated fail-safe mechanisms revert the actuator to an on/off or 3-position state, minimizing damage. Plus, they’re able to operate on a wide range of voltages, making them an ideal choice for remote and hazardous environments.

We carry a broad range of electric and pneumatic explosion proof actuators, allowing you to find the perfect one for your needs. Explosion proof actuators are available for all major types of valve, including quarter turn rotary ‘Max’ actuators for ball and butterfly valves and linear ‘Run’ actuators for globe and control valves. They’re also available in a wide range of control modes – on/off, 3-position and modulating – and can be supplied with various heating and cooling accessories to suit your application.

Electric explosion proof actuators run on AC power, but we offer some models that are powered by DC for use in low-power environments such as a gas pipeline using solar power, batteries and fuel cells. They’re also equipped with an automatic reset function to ensure the device always returns to a fail-safe position, even during power outages.