In Tuscany, villas allow you the degree of freedom to go where you want and when you wish, in order to explore this completely magical part of La Bella Italia. Here is just some of what you can enjoy in the delightful region around the many Tuscany villas available to rent.

Tuscany – land of magic and history

It’s perhaps fair to say that Tuscany is the best known of all Italy’s regions. Certainly, in terms of history and culture, few people won’t have heard of its great cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, names that reverberate through history as the origin of the Renaissance.

Today, strolling their streets and squares is like stepping back into a fairy-tale past with architecture unparalleled in Europe. If you love art and culture, you’ll also be drawn to the multitude of art galleries and museums in the region, including the world-famous Uffizi.

Many civilizations have left their mark on this region. Starting with the Etruscans who once ruled the area down as far as and including Rome, it progressed through the Romans to the magnificence of the great medieval city-states. These legacies abound everywhere from humble ruins to stunning edifices.

The land of good food

Of course, Tuscans are also well known for enjoying some of the earthier delights as well as what might be termed ‘high culture’. The region is home to superb wines, perhaps the best known of which is Chianti. Touring the lush vineyards is a must because not only will you discover several varieties of wine that are perhaps less well-known outside of Italy, but also because you’ll see a side of rural Tuscan life that is a million miles away from the hustle-bustle of the great cities.

However, you also would be wise to find at least some time to spend exploring the cuisine of this region. Contrary to what some believe, this isn’t just a case of finding great pizza and pasta dishes either.

While here you should at the very least try:

Ribollita – a delicious cross between a soup and stew made with vegetables

Porchetta – roast suckling pig served with herbs and fresh bread

Fritto misto – tiny pieces of various meats served fried

Bruschetta – garlic bread topped with various delights. (Yes, you can get this around the world now but it’s something different in its original home location!)

In Tuscany, villas will also offer you the opportunity to try some of these great recipes yourself with produce from local markets.

The people

The Italians are known as one of the planet’s most friendly peoples. Nowhere is this truer than in Tuscany where hospitality is a way of life. Yes, the big cities will inevitably be a little busy and tourist-centred, but the moment you get a little off the beaten track you’ll find a warmth and welcome that will be hard to replicate elsewhere in Italy or the wider world.

In Tuscany, villas that are located in the countryside will help you to discover a traditional l way of life that will keep you coming back for more – time and time again. Best wine tours willamette valley