As the world’s leading electric car manufacturing company, it’s no surprise that Daimler would have a presence in the EV charging station market. The German-Swiss engineering giant’s EV charging stations are designed to be robust and simple to use. Their EV chargers also offer smart features like vehicle-to-grid integration and dynamic load balancing to optimize them for smart grid applications.

Siemens, one of Europe’s largest engineering companies, has recently risen to prominence in the EV charging station sector with their suite of EV charger solutions. Their EV chargers are designed to be easy-to-use and feature smart charging features that maximize efficiency. The German-Swiss engineering conglomerate has vast experience with large-scale electrification projects across the globe and brings that expertise to their EV charging station products.

ABB has a diverse range of power generation equipment but is best known for their DC fast-charging solutions. Their EV chargers are used by a number of major car manufacturers including Porsche and are designed to be robust and user-friendly. The EV chargers from ABB are also optimized for smart grid applications and have features that allow them to track and manage usage in real-time.

BENY Electric is a reliable hardware provider that produces a wide array of reliable solar panels and EV charging stations. Their EV chargers are designed to offer advanced smart charging features and are built to last. They are also certified for IP65 and undergo rigorous in-house testing to ensure they comply with all safety norms. EV Charger Manufacturers