A high-quality electronic analytical balance price will provide you with the most accurate results for a wide variety of precise routine weighing applications. These sensitive laboratory instruments reduce sources of error or interference that may impact meticulous weighing processes such as noise pollution, vibrations and breeze. Due to their extreme sensitivity, these lab scales should be used in secure locations like laboratories and away from any disruptions, as the slightest movement could affect their calibration readings.

METTLER TOLEDO’s 12000 series of analytical weighing balances feature an optimized color touchscreen display that can be operated through gloves, and are available with internal or external calibration options. The advanced MonoBloc weighing cell ensures accuracy and performance while the rugged die-cast aluminum housing enhances durability. These features make the ME-T analytical balances suitable for a wide variety of applications such as density determination, sample preparation, differential weighing and formulation.

XPR Excellence series analytical lab scales are designed to give you right-first-time results through a range of quality assurance functions. The patented StaticDetect system helps to detect static charge that can influence correct results, and can be paired with an optional ionizing module to prevent static build-up within the weighing chamber. The integrated StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved functions actively work together to check that all conditions for correct weighing have been met, giving you confidence in the validity of your results.

These high-performance laboratory balances are made for a wide variety of demanding environments, and feature intelligent design for ease of use and maximum productivity. They have a built-in Application Suite for simplified workflows and an automatic doors that close when the weighing process is finished to save you time. They can even be equipped with modules for automated powder and liquid dosing. They also have a robust base and a smooth surface that simplifies cleaning and minimizes debris accumulation. electronic analytical balance price