Taking a step beyond promotional coffee cups, some companies opt to create personalized cups for their best customers. True, this isn’t particularly cost effective, but it’s not very expensive, either. This wouldn’t be an idea for a company that was strapped for cash; rather, personalized coffee cups would be for companies that are financially secure. Something this personalized will really show just how much your company cares about its customers. You can send a wide variety of messages to your best clients through coffee cups, and you can bet that if it’s obvious the message was to them and them alone, that cup is going to earn a permanent place on your client’s desk.

Not only will passing out promotional coffee cups be very effective at promoting your business and products, but the effect is much longer lasting than your typical promotional gift. Also, coffee cups are far more likely to end up in the hands of a wide variety of people than your typical key chain. Is there a single demographic out there that doesn’t drink coffee? And, really, they don’t even have to drink coffee, they can drink whatever it is they normally drink and the effect will be the same. Regardless of their beverage of choice, your customers are going to be showing your logo off with every sip, and it’s sure to get noticed by everyone around.

Bland logos are to be avoided unless the message you want to send is brute simplicity. You certainly don’t want your company projecting an image of not particularly caring. The concept of any publicity is good publicity doesn’t really work when you’re throwing your company logo around. Creativity is always a good sign in potential business partners, and just the fact that you’re passing out coffee cups as a promotional item shows that your company is in good shape.

When dealing with anything like a coffee cup, you should think about the communication aspect. Your ability to communicate through these coffee cups is only as good as the message they carry. Customer service representatives are always told that they’re the only real link the customer has to the company. In fact, to most customers, whatever connection they have to your company, be it a front line representative or a promotional coffee cup, represents the entire company itself. These coffee cups are going to be your company, its logo, your first impression and, if it’s not a good one, possibly the last impression. Lots of people will see it, and as every good business person knows, everyone is a potential client. cup that keeps drinks cold